Since 1982 Rob Boyd has called Whistler ‘home’, exploring the area with the zeal of a true mountain lover. He built his home here, married his love and witnessed this once-remote ski town grow, transform and flourish into the vibrant, year-round adventure sports community it is today. His World Cup ski racing career introduced him to various mountain cultures where he developed a far-reaching network of friends and colleagues. Rob has inspired athletes and fellow coaches to strive for higher levels of performance, whether at the Olympics or developing future champions at the Whistler Mountain Ski Club. International perspectives are tied together with elite-level athletic principles: dedication, commitment, goal setting and a well-honed work ethic to succeed. “Communication, reflection and an openness to constructive feedback” he says, “are keys to building solid foundations and lasting relationships”. He knows well the importance of investing time to better understand an individual’s needs. With a young outgoing family to raise, he can’t imagine living elsewhere. His 11 and 12 year-old boys are avid adrenaline seekers who may well be following in their parent’s footsteps toward competitive success. Whether mountains or lakes, forests or rivers, the whole family loves the sports culture and community that the Whistler area embodies. After all, ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. What better place than Whistler! Sharing his passion of the mountains, sports and community comes naturally to Rob, and shifting his focus to this new chapter with the Thornhill Real Estate Group has been a natural transition.